From a leaf, here we want to start from a vine leaf, it looks like a hand to make you a caress or to tighten yours and take you here, in the Langa.

Langa, this wonderful land where, in a pinwheel of emotions, from the midnight blue grapes of the grapes, nebbiolo is born.

Enthusiastically integrate front-end convergence through granular materials. Collaboratively harness leading-edge leadership.


The leitmotif of our wine is delicacy. It's nature that decides, always! We can only support her and help her without ever opposing her, we are at her service; from processing in the vineyard to that in the cellar, a few simple things to follow his path and bring all his harmony in a bottle.




Tre Vì

wine bottled 12-14 months after the harvest, mainly the wine remained in steel tanks, only a small part (5-15%) was placed in French tonneaux for 5-7 months. Young wine suitable to accompany aperitifs and appetizers, it can also be served at a temperature slightly lower than room temperature. ​


Riflessi e Riflessioni

wine bottled 18 months after the harvest, a part of the wine always remained in steel while a part (40-50%) was left for 12 months in French tonneaux. Structured wine where the tannins are very marked, suitable for first courses and second courses of meat or cheese. To be opened a couple of hours before and to be served preferably in a decanter.


Lauda i Bric

wine bottled 30 months after the harvest, a small part of the wine (5-15%) always remained in steel while the remaining wine first remained for 12 months in French tonneaux and then for another 12 months in an Austrian oak barrel of Slavonia. Complex wine with a rounded taste, suitable for main courses or to be sipped after a meal. To be opened a couple of hours before and to be served preferably in a decanter.


Denomination:       Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
Vines:                       100% Nebbiolo
Alcohol:                    14% - 14,50%
Format:                    150cl - 75cl - 50cl

Color:                        ruby red
They say about our wine: 
On the nose it has a fruity and floral component reminiscent of the quiet and tidy hills of the Langhe.The taste is velvety and rounded with a pleasant persistence in the throat.

Riflessi e Riflessioni 2019

Bottled on 30/04/2021


Tre Vì 2020

Bottled on 03/10/2021


Riflessi e Riflessioni 2020

Bottled on 26/04/2022


Lauda i Bric 2019

Bottled on 26/04/2022


Contacts: Davide Cabutto 339 671 5110 - davideleviolevendite@libero.it